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Honouring my body…

I have had years and years of conflict with my body. I haven’t listened to it’s needs, I have put it low on my list of priorities, said I’d deal with it when I had more time… But strangely, time always seemed to be lacking when it came to exercising my body, fueling it in the right way.

Also, I am a comfort eater. When something is on my mind, I tend to reach out automatically for something to eat, when my children are screaming/crying, I have a square of chocolate, then another one, then another one, etc.

Over the past few years, I have been gradually evolving. At first, I was angry with myself for not moving faster. But now, I see the light! It was good of me to take baby steps. I have still made great progress and learned a lot along the way.

Amity Clemence coach

I first discovered I had a large fibroid back in 2013, when I was pregnant with my second child. I was offered treatment but I researched the cause because the treatment would only act on the symptom. It seems fibroids are due to hormone imbalance. So I looked that up and indeed I recognized other symptoms in my body. So I decided to make dietary changes. Eating organic was already important for me. I started to remove gluten and dairy and tried out my first detox (no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no coffee, no alcohol). I rapidly saw amazing changes in every day life. I didn’t lose a lot of weight but it looked like I had, cellulite disappeared, my skin was glowing, I had loads of energy… It was great. After my detox, I slipped back into my old ways. Then I would remove gluten and dairy again and feel better, the slip back into my old ways, etc. As a comfort eater, I craved cakes and biscuits and gluten, loads of gluten!

I would get upset with myself, think I was incapable of sticking to something that was good for me, that I couldn’t make the right choice in a restaurant when I went out, etc. But now I look back on the past 4 years, I can tell you this: I “slip up” less and less, I no longer crave the same food, I enjoy anything I eat, be it detox food or food that is not on my plan, I no longer beat myself up – I see this as a long term journey, not a 4-week diet.

This all stems from loving myself more and more. I am less hard on myself (thank goodness) and more inclined to make healthy choices for myself. Again, if it makes me happy to eat a burger or to have a hot chocolate when I’m out, I go for it. I just tend to not look amazing the next day πŸ˜‰

However, as I love myself, why is keeping up exercise so difficult? Sure, I fly around the house cleaning up after 3 young kids, running after a toddler but I am not sticking to my fitness goals. So here it is, I am saying it here, loud and clear:

“I love myself. I love my body. I honour my body by giving it more strength and more energy through daily exercise.”

Amity Clemence coach detox

It is as important as my journaling, as my nutrition, my positive affirmations and my meditation. My intention is to do what feels good but keep to a schedule. Obviously, doing it first thing in the morning is not working for me anymore so I am going to make time during the day.

I have been on what I am calling a pre-detox for the pastΒ month and will be until Easter Day. Basically, I am mostly eating gluten and dairy free, avoiding coffee (I had 1 the other day and the crash afterwards was awful) and alcohol (also had some and craved burgers and crisps the next day) and sugar. So have not been doing it 100% but have lost 2kg and have gained energy. I knew I would not follow a detox plan religiously because I had a champagne eveningΒ last Saturday and Easter coming up (I rarely eat “normal” cakes but there is no way I am missing out on my mum’s Easter cakes). I already feel great and as of Easter Monday I will start a 4-week period where I will make no exceptions because my gut needs that time to heal, my hormones need that rest to rebalance and hopefully I will get my sleep cycle sorted again because I feel like some kind of nighttime ninja at the moment – aware of the slightest sound/movement. I will supplement with Omega 3, probiotics, fibre, etc. to make sure I am getting everything I need and more πŸ™‚ Somewhere in there I will fit my daily exercise in and I will be back here mid-May to let you know how that went!

What I want to say to you is that wherever you are on your fitness/health journey, don’t be too hard on yourself. Look at the big picture, see your progress, be proud of the changes you are making for yourself, visualize your goals and feel good about yourself. You are amazing. What your body achieves on autopilot is sensational. Just give yourself the gift of improving it by 1%, then another, then another. If you’re comfortable going faster, go faster, if you want to take a break and reflect on your goals and your why, do it. Do not pressure yourself! Society gives you enough of that already. You are worthy right now.

I love you.


Being driven by Passion & Purpose

Oh my, oh my, I am on a cloud right now. A cloud of love and happiness. Not a cloud that’s just floating around, mind you. I’m speeding around, left and right. Doing what I love, with those I love…

I find that with every shift I have, I am vibing at this higher frequency and life just feels so much better. And I have always had quite a positive outlook on life so this is pretty big. And with every breakthrough, I feel that some perceive I am getting closer to la-la-land. Indeed I am growing more and more connected, I receive more and more signs that the universe loves me (as it loves us all). I am just too happy for words.

Do you remember how I told you that my heart was overflowing with love – like when you’re just falling in love with someone and you can take on the world – for life? I know that this spurs from me finding my true message (basically loving and supporting people in their growth), acting on it and TRUSTING. I trust that everything is going to work out just fine. So I no longer fret. And because I am no longer anxious (or rarely, of course, I am human and I react to all sorts of energies, substances, people), I am even happier… It’s super duper awesome!!!

I have started happiness coaching because I felt my message didn’t only apply to mompreneurs. And this feels so right. I love seeing the shifts the people I work with have, I love seeing them make themselves a priority. It’s beautiful.

My coaching starts with monthly calls and a FB support group where you can ask questions at any time, get weekly encouragement, and 2 coaching videos per month @ $27/month and you can leave whenever you feel ready.

This price is exceptionally low for a limited amount of time. Get in touch and we’ll set up your monthly calls. Let’s make your world a happier place!



Free coaching call for those in need

I am pretty open about myself, where I am right now, my emotions, etc. but there are some things I do not expand on as they are not just my stories to share. However, I feel compelled to talk a bit more about my private life and learnings today, when looking through the camera roll on my computer.


Here I am with my daughter (2 y.o) and my son ( 4 1/2 y.o.):

  • 12 days after splitting up with their father;
  • 3 days before moving house;
  • Exactly 1 month before giving birth to my 3rd child.

First, when I look at this photo, I commend myself. I know I did my best to be a good mum. It was a tough time, especially after number 3 was born. He cried loads and that is no surprise when you think about what his life had been so far. I cried at times too, shouted, screamed, pulled my hair. But not as much as I loved, hugged, talked, reassured.

For months, I struggled. I put in a lot of effort to get better but I was living my life like a victim and it is only when I was able to change that, that life looked up.

I take responsibility for what happened. It didn’t happen TO me. It just happened. And when I say “I take”, I really mean that. It is my power to take responsibility. Everything that happens in my life, I have an influence on. You receive what you tolerate.

This is not a pity post, far from it! I am the best version of myself I have ever been and I have so much more growing to come. I have learned so much since I took this picture.

If I could speak to the “me” in that picture I would say this:

“Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to. You are going through huge change and greatness is on the other side. Just put your trust in the universe and everything will come to you in good time.

Know your worth. Set boundaries. Take responsibility. Take back your power. And let love and strength shine from your heart.”

To all of you going through distress and turmoil, I feel you. Reach out to me and I will help you through it on a free coaching call. You are worth so much more.

Do you show yourself love and appreciation?

Good morning!

Coming to you from my hotel room, where I woke up at 3.30am, thinking it was 5.30am. So now it is 6.11 and I am in full flow πŸ™‚ Going to get another hour or so in before I head down to the pool and jacuzzi.

I regularly take a night away on my own (often, just after the school holidays). The children are with their father and I head off to a local hotel-spa, where I appreciate the silence, the good food, the comfort… I work and rest as much as I like and when I leave, I am totally refreshed.

Before I really discovered the importance of self-love, I would not have spent this kind of money on myself. Now I fully understand how taking care of myself is taking care of my family and my business, I walk in knowing I am doing the best thing. Everybody is happy: I go home relaxed and refreshed, I get much inspiration for my work (most of it while I am in the jacuzzi…).

It was only when I became single that I realized I was going to have to invest in me, to take care of myself or everything else would go to pieces. No doubt my life would have been different had I learned to do this before. But no regrets, I don’t “do” them. In fact now, I am so confident that everything is happening exactly as it should that I am even glad for every single thing that threw me on this path.

I want everyone to feel this relaxed about life. Since I have started implementing certain tools, learning more about personal development, I have seen great changes. I feel extremely grateful, I love, I experience my feelings, I trust. Everything is stronger, better. I get results, I am efficient, productive, active… My purpose in life is to positively impact as many lives as possible in the way that mine was positively impacted.

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Lots of love,

Stop. Take a deep breath…

It’s been one of those days – I’m pretty sure you are going to know what I’m talking about – when you just work, produce, do task after task yet you don’t feel particularly satisfied. Worse, you don’t feel you’re getting anywhere.

Add in a little unpleasantness in your personal life and the day feels… a bit shitty.

I was feeling like I had been going non stop yet I felt overwhelmed. So I decided to take my own advice and move away from the computer. The sun was shining outside and I could hear the birds so I took a little stroll.

I am fortunate enough to have an abundance of nature all around the small village where I live so I headed straight for the woods. I love to walk among the trees, on the soft moss floor, with the beautiful rays of sunlight working their way through branches.


As you can see, I’m not feeling super happy about everything as I walk into the woods but after a few minutes of deep breaths of fresh air, I began to feel amazing.

I definitely wasn’t wasting time by stepping back from work. Not only was I going to return to my computer feeling refreshed but as I walked, answers came to me. I sorted out a few blocks I had come across, recognized some old patterns (grrr) and gave myself a good pep talk!

My point here is that it is sometimes vital to stop working in order to gain some perspective. Often, you get so caught up with stress and overwhelm, you feel you have just got to get it done! But stepping away can be so beneficial.

I find I work a whole lot better when I work less. From time to time I do a great haul at work but to be honest, many of my most productive days are my shortest days πŸ™‚

I didn’t take a photo of my happy face when I got back from my stroll so I’ll leave you with my slightly worried one.

And I hope you all know when it is time to stop, to take a deep breath (or 10) and to know that everything is going to be absolutely alright.

Flow, grow, glow

So I have been vibing like mad all day! I woke up at 4.00am as if someone had just flicked a switch and from then on got so much done. To the point where I actually felt dizzy. Yet it is 8pm and I’m still at it, just at a slower pace.

Looking back at what I have achieved today feels really good. I set up some tools to lessen my workload, hired 2 people and interviewed a third person, invested in an awesome coaching bundle, recorded this week’s training in my membership program in French, ordered my new domain name, worked with a client… It’s been a busy day yet I sense that it is not over yet. I need to do what Kat Loterzo calls “a brain dump”and finish the day journaling until it is all out.

Journaling helps get me going in the morning (it’s part of my routine). It gets me in the right frame of mind. It helps me get clear on what’s holding me back. It allows me to work through it, to turn stuff around. It sets the energy for the day, enables me to plan my day ahead. It also allows me to release anything negative at the end of the day and feel only positive about the day to come.

When I don’t journal, I feel like I slip out of alignment. So it naturally is part of my everyday life.

If you would like to learn more about my daily success routine, mumpreneur life hacks and receive my online marketing advice, join my membership program at $47/month. For more info, contact me via my Facebook page.

Kids, kids, everywhere

As I climbed into bed tonight, I found a pirate’s hat, a pink sword and a magic wand. I love that this kind of thing is my normal. Living with kids is amazing. Their energy, their imagination, their emotions are so precious. It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life and the stressful everyday situations and then find the energy, the imagination and the emotions cause you more stress. This is why it is so vital for us mothers to find our true purpose and the alignment that comes with listening to our hearts. I am not saying everything will be smooth from then on. I still get frustrated, annoyed. I still lose it occasionally. But oh so much less than before. And I feel I am always learning and growing. And that makes me even happier.

My life is not perfect. But I am so fortunate to have these 3 small human beings in it.

Of course, balancing being a business owner and a (single) mum requires some (extra) skills but I find that the mumpreneurs I know all reason in the same way: This is what I wanted. This is why I set up my business. It is hard but I would not go back to working for another person’s company. It is hard but I want to do this for my children.

I offer my help to mums starting a business or improving an existing one. I help them work on their mindset, kill their limiting beliefs, set goals. I also give all the productivity hacks I know of. And finally give support in online marketing (my initial online business).

So goodbye for now (from the mum sitting in bed, smothered in Neal’s Yard Remedies beauty balm) and get in touch if you would like to know more about the membership group I am launching.

What do you want from 2017?

Changing year is a perfect time to make some changes, commit to some goals, dream a little bigger. I’m not talking just New Year resolutions which often tend to be a bit more of a “I wish I could give up smoking/finally lose some weight/be a nicer person”. I’m talking getting clear on what you want your life to look like and taking action to get you there.

Because a new year is like a birthday: it’s a reminder time is passing and we only get one shot at our lives (possibly/probably!). So do we want to stay in our 9-5 job (at best) that we hate, just in order to pay the bills and not dare to dream of anything better? Or do we want to own who we are, where our special skills lie and tell the world we are here in our own unique way?

There is a correct answer and it is the latter πŸ™‚

My life purpose is to help mothers shine in every area of their lives. I want us to be able to step away from all the guilt that comes with motherhood and open up to being amazing mums and kick ass entrepreneurs. After all, look at everything we can achieve.

And as the quote has it: “When women support each other great things happen”. Not sure who said it but I agree 200%.

So, have you decided precisely where you are going in 2017? If not, leave me your details and we’ll book a free discovery call during which we will gain clarity on what it is you want. Can’t wait to speak to you,


Please leave your details below.

Hello New Year!

I’d like to take the time on this January 1st to acknowledge all the wonderful things which happened to me in 2016, release the negative stuff and welcome 2017 with open arms. I have such exciting goals for this year, my heart swells at the thought!

2015 was a tough year: a difficult pregnancy, splitting up with my partner, moving house two weeks later and then giving birth in a difficult emotional place. I had planned on 2016 being MY year. The year where I built it all back up and more. It didn’t look like it was going to be that way for the first 6 months – although I never lost hope – but the second half of the year, I definitely came into my own. How? With help. I have always been strong and carried myself through various difficulties but to come further and beyond as I have these past 6 months, I benefited from amazing help and support. I reached out for it. Something I NEVER did before. And I gained so much.

In 2016, I came into contact with the most inspiring people. I learned how to show myself my appreciation, how investing in me is good for my family, how important daily journaling is, how daily exercise is a non-negotiable for a single woman balancing family life and entrepreneurship, how to take massive action, how to step into the light and own who I am, how to improve my existing business and some pearls of wisdom for setting up my second one. I have so much gold to carry into 2017, it brings me so much gratitude.

I also really stepped up as a mum. I took on a lot this year and some times it was hard to cope. I shouted more than I would have liked to, cried, I occasionally even swore. There’s no secret, this year was also very strenuous. I could have taken less on but my fulfillment was my salvation. No, if there was anything to improve/change, it was elsewhere:

I realise that in 2016, I lacked great organisation and was prone to overwhelm. Following that, I release my inability to say no and commit to having my schedule respected as much as possible. I also commit to asking for more help (hiring a bigger team, getting a cleaner, a gardener, finding a trusty babysitter, etc.).

I realise that in 2016, I was too much of a sponge where other people’s emotions were concerned. I commit to protecting myself from negative influence, hardening against some and softening towards others.

I realise that in 2016, I tried to spread myself too thin. I commit to putting me and my family first and to relentlessly work towards my goals until they are achieved.

2017, I have so much planned. I have started by establishing a 3 month plan. The next big goals will be for the end of September. There is a fire in my heart and it will keep me going all the way so watch this space.

I will shortly be launching my membership program where you will find weekly coaching videos, mindset work, mompreneur everyday life hacks and such. Take it from a mum who has been doing this for 5 years, I have some stuff to share! You will also find a supportive community to answer your questions and discuss life as a mum and a successful entrepreneur. I look forward to seeing you there (details to come in a blog post very soon).

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