I’d like to take the time on this January 1st to acknowledge all the wonderful things which happened to me in 2016, release the negative stuff and welcome 2017 with open arms. I have such exciting goals for this year, my heart swells at the thought!

2015 was a tough year: a difficult pregnancy, splitting up with my partner, moving house two weeks later and then giving birth in a difficult emotional place. I had planned on 2016 being MY year. The year where I built it all back up and more. It didn’t look like it was going to be that way for the first 6 months – although I never lost hope – but the second half of the year, I definitely came into my own. How? With help. I have always been strong and carried myself through various difficulties but to come further and beyond as I have these past 6 months, I benefited from amazing help and support. I reached out for it. Something I NEVER did before. And I gained so much.

In 2016, I came into contact with the most inspiring people. I learned how to show myself my appreciation, how investing in me is good for my family, how important daily journaling is, how daily exercise is a non-negotiable for a single woman balancing family life and entrepreneurship, how to take massive action, how to step into the light and own who I am, how to improve my existing business and some pearls of wisdom for setting up my second one. I have so much gold to carry into 2017, it brings me so much gratitude.

I also really stepped up as a mum. I took on a lot this year and some times it was hard to cope. I shouted more than I would have liked to, cried, I occasionally even swore. There’s no secret, this year was also very strenuous. I could have taken less on but my fulfillment was my salvation. No, if there was anything to improve/change, it was elsewhere:

I realise that in 2016, I lacked great organisation and was prone to overwhelm. Following that, I release my inability to say no and commit to having my schedule respected as much as possible. I also commit to asking for more help (hiring a bigger team, getting a cleaner, a gardener, finding a trusty babysitter, etc.).

I realise that in 2016, I was too much of a sponge where other people’s emotions were concerned. I commit to protecting myself from negative influence, hardening against some and softening towards others.

I realise that in 2016, I tried to spread myself too thin. I commit to putting me and my family first and to relentlessly work towards my goals until they are achieved.

2017, I have so much planned. I have started by establishing a 3 month plan. The next big goals will be for the end of September. There is a fire in my heart and it will keep me going all the way so watch this space.

I will shortly be launching my membership program where you will find weekly coaching videos, mindset work, mompreneur everyday life hacks and such. Take it from a mum who has been doing this for 5 years, I have some stuff to share! You will also find a supportive community to answer your questions and discuss life as a mum and a successful entrepreneur. I look forward to seeing you there (details to come in a blog post very soon).