Changing year is a perfect time to make some changes, commit to some goals, dream a little bigger. I’m not talking just New Year resolutions which often tend to be a bit more of a “I wish I could give up smoking/finally lose some weight/be a nicer person”. I’m talking getting clear on what you want your life to look like and taking action to get you there.

Because a new year is like a birthday: it’s a reminder time is passing and we only get one shot at our lives (possibly/probably!). So do we want to stay in our 9-5 job (at best) that we hate, just in order to pay the bills and not dare to dream of anything better? Or do we want to own who we are, where our special skills lie and tell the world we are here in our own unique way?

There is a correct answer and it is the latter 🙂

My life purpose is to help mothers shine in every area of their lives. I want us to be able to step away from all the guilt that comes with motherhood and open up to being amazing mums and kick ass entrepreneurs. After all, look at everything we can achieve.

And as the quote has it: “When women support each other great things happen”. Not sure who said it but I agree 200%.

So, have you decided precisely where you are going in 2017? If not, leave me your details and we’ll book a free discovery call during which we will gain clarity on what it is you want. Can’t wait to speak to you,


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