So I have been vibing like mad all day! I woke up at 4.00am as if someone had just flicked a switch and from then on got so much done. To the point where I actually felt dizzy. Yet it is 8pm and I’m still at it, just at a slower pace.

Looking back at what I have achieved today feels really good. I set up some tools to lessen my workload, hired 2 people and interviewed a third person, invested in an awesome coaching bundle, recorded this week’s training in my membership program in French, ordered my new domain name, worked with a client… It’s been a busy day yet I sense that it is not over yet. I need to do what Kat Loterzo calls “a brain dump”and finish the day journaling until it is all out.

Journaling helps get me going in the morning (it’s part of my routine). It gets me in the right frame of mind. It helps me get clear on what’s holding me back. It allows me to work through it, to turn stuff around. It sets the energy for the day, enables me to plan my day ahead. It also allows me to release anything negative at the end of the day and feel only positive about the day to come.

When I don’t journal, I feel like I slip out of alignment. So it naturally is part of my everyday life.

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