It’s been one of those days – I’m pretty sure you are going to know what I’m talking about – when you just work, produce, do task after task yet you don’t feel particularly satisfied. Worse, you don’t feel you’re getting anywhere.

Add in a little unpleasantness in your personal life and the day feels… a bit shitty.

I was feeling like I had been going non stop yet I felt overwhelmed. So I decided to take my own advice and move away from the computer. The sun was shining outside and I could hear the birds so I took a little stroll.

I am fortunate enough to have an abundance of nature all around the small village where I live so I headed straight for the woods. I love to walk among the trees, on the soft moss floor, with the beautiful rays of sunlight working their way through branches.


As you can see, I’m not feeling super happy about everything as I walk into the woods but after a few minutes of deep breaths of fresh air, I began to feel amazing.

I definitely wasn’t wasting time by stepping back from work. Not only was I going to return to my computer feeling refreshed but as I walked, answers came to me. I sorted out a few blocks I had come across, recognized some old patterns (grrr) and gave myself a good pep talk!

My point here is that it is sometimes vital to stop working in order to gain some perspective. Often, you get so caught up with stress and overwhelm, you feel you have just got to get it done! But stepping away can be so beneficial.

I find I work a whole lot better when I work less. From time to time I do a great haul at work but to be honest, many of my most productive days are my shortest days šŸ™‚

I didn’t take a photo of my happy face when I got back from my stroll so I’ll leave you with my slightly worried one.

And I hope you all know when it is time to stop, to take a deep breath (or 10) and to know that everything is going to be absolutely alright.