Good morning!

Coming to you from my hotel room, where I woke up at 3.30am, thinking it was 5.30am. So now it is 6.11 and I am in full flow 🙂 Going to get another hour or so in before I head down to the pool and jacuzzi.

I regularly take a night away on my own (often, just after the school holidays). The children are with their father and I head off to a local hotel-spa, where I appreciate the silence, the good food, the comfort… I work and rest as much as I like and when I leave, I am totally refreshed.

Before I really discovered the importance of self-love, I would not have spent this kind of money on myself. Now I fully understand how taking care of myself is taking care of my family and my business, I walk in knowing I am doing the best thing. Everybody is happy: I go home relaxed and refreshed, I get much inspiration for my work (most of it while I am in the jacuzzi…).

It was only when I became single that I realized I was going to have to invest in me, to take care of myself or everything else would go to pieces. No doubt my life would have been different had I learned to do this before. But no regrets, I don’t “do” them. In fact now, I am so confident that everything is happening exactly as it should that I am even glad for every single thing that threw me on this path.

I want everyone to feel this relaxed about life. Since I have started implementing certain tools, learning more about personal development, I have seen great changes. I feel extremely grateful, I love, I experience my feelings, I trust. Everything is stronger, better. I get results, I am efficient, productive, active… My purpose in life is to positively impact as many lives as possible in the way that mine was positively impacted.

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Lots of love,