Oh my, oh my, I am on a cloud right now. A cloud of love and happiness. Not a cloud that’s just floating around, mind you. I’m speeding around, left and right. Doing what I love, with those I love…

I find that with every shift I have, I am vibing at this higher frequency and life just feels so much better. And I have always had quite a positive outlook on life so this is pretty big. And with every breakthrough, I feel that some perceive I am getting closer to la-la-land. Indeed I am growing more and more connected, I receive more and more signs that the universe loves me (as it loves us all). I am just too happy for words.

Do you remember how I told you that my heart was overflowing with love – like when you’re just falling in love with someone and you can take on the world – for life? I know that this spurs from me finding my true message (basically loving and supporting people in their growth), acting on it and TRUSTING. I trust that everything is going to work out just fine. So I no longer fret. And because I am no longer anxious (or rarely, of course, I am human and I react to all sorts of energies, substances, people), I am even happier… It’s super duper awesome!!!

I have started happiness coaching because I felt my message didn’t only apply to mompreneurs. And this feels so right. I love seeing the shifts the people I work with have, I love seeing them make themselves a priority. It’s beautiful.

My coaching starts with monthly calls and a FB support group where you can ask questions at any time, get weekly encouragement, and 2 coaching videos per month @ $27/month and you can leave whenever you feel ready.

This price is exceptionally low for a limited amount of time. Get in touch and we’ll set up your monthly calls. Let’s make your world a happier place!