And I don’t.

“Hustle” is a widely used word these days, specifically with entrepreneurs growing online businesses. There are a few definitions of the word in online dictionaries. They all convey a sense of emergency. Some even say that it is a way of promoting and selling aggressively. The way I perceive it (and this is indeed MY perception – by no means a definition) it is a state of activity, from the moment you wake to the moment go to sleep (almost), non-stop movement to reach your goals, working across the different media we have at our disposal.

Sometimes I work in a way that feels like hustling. I have dozens of ideas, extreme clarity when it comes to communicating them, loads of plans for getting the message across my numerous platforms (in English and in French). And I can work for a few days like that but it is not a state I can sustain. I’ve been there. I’ve been vibrating at this super high frequency, getting my work done, loving the action, etc. But I would resent any intrusion in my hustle. I wouldn’t want to deal with meals, bath-time, bedtime! Being a single mum, that can be a problem! And then the vibrating might go a little crazy, throw me off balance and then BOOM, there I was on the ground, with yet another bout of shingles.

I get the love for the hustle, I really do. I just cannot keep up the hustle (work) and bustle (home) life myself. My soul craves peace and calm, authentic connections, strolls in the nature, hugs in front of movies. I won’t get up and be on the go all day, missing out on stuff. I love my businesses. I do what I love and I love what I do. I also love my kids and having so much time to spend with them. And I love taking care of myself, listening to myself, doing what feels good.

I work a few hours a day at the moment. And that suits me. It took me a while to understand about trust and surrender. I had identified my purpose, I was taking huge aligned action and everyone was telling me to forget the “how”. How could I possibly forget the “how”? It was all I thought about, day and night. Then something clicked and I took a step back. Sometimes it feels like I just don’t give a *#?$. Most days I vibrate in a totally different way. It is still really strong but it is slower and deeper. Definitely less shrill than before! There’s lots of love, gratitude, forgiveness, goodness in me. And life just got slower and better.

With me, you will not get a sales message on every social media post. You won’t receive daily e-mails. Sometimes I may post a load of stuff, if I have heaps of stuff to say. Then I may just disappear for a week, while I feel the need to sit with myself and go within. I have no issues whatsoever with people who work differently. I follow and love many people who work so. Because the people in question are authentic. And that is what is most dear to me. Authentic connections ❤

I just want to say that it is okay to let go and do what feels right. There is no obligation to be working all day, every day. In fact, it is very important not to let life pass you by. Be present in every moment. Notice, live, enjoy the little things and feed your gratitude with the awe you will feel.

With love,